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My name is Yehudit Eini. I was born in Israel as a healer, a clairvoyant, a medical intuitive, and a psychic. I have been living in South Africa for 19 years.

At the age of 5, I had my first experience with the spiritual world. As they (the spirits) woke me up in the middle of the night when they tickled my feet. When I was 12, I dreamt that a war would break out. The following day I understood that I had actually predicted it, as a war broke out that day.

When I was 16 years old, a 9 year old boy was kidnapped. As soon as I saw his picture on the television, I knew exactly where he was, as well as how he was going to pass away.

There was a female soldier that was kidnapped from the army at the time that I served in the army; I had a vision of how she was kidnapped and how she would pass away as well. I saw the terrorists’ faces and how they killed her by stabbing her in the chest. I helped the police find her body, a little too late, but that was because of the negligence of the police. They did not believe me until it was too late, but to their surprise, everything that I had described to them was very accurate.

At this point I understood that I would need to use this gift in the future in order to help others.

I studied conventional medicine, psychology, and a variety of other courses alike. I very quickly learned that besides for being able to earn a lot of money with this knowledge that I had acquired about the conventional medicine world, it didn’t really result in being much help to my patients. I knew that there was something missing. With apologies to the conventional medicine world about my views on it, but in my opinion, they have forgotten the promise they made to society; no matter what kind of person needs help, weather they can afford it or not, or where they stand socially, you must always put their needs first.

I chose a different, more spiritual way to treat and care for my patients. I have a lot of respect and love for the wellbeing of society. My way comprises of spiritual tools and experience of many years. I believe in the treatment of patience not only for their body, but also for their soul and mind.

I am not afraid to confront my patients when necessary about anything I feel the need to, I fight with them in order to achieve the health and happiness they deserve. In order to help my patients with their physical symptoms I fix the root of the problem, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

Every success story for every single one of my patients is a big victory for me and is the motivation for me to carry on. I opened my clinic about 8 years ago, and I have treated hundreds of patients since then, and I was surprised to find out at how many people were desperate for a solution to their problems and were at the point where they were willing to give up on their problems in life and just accept life as is, instead of changing it and making a success out of it.

My success rate had raced ahead so quickly that I knew that I had hit the nail on the head. I combine therapy and healing that gives a feeling of peace with oneself and I give my patients the tools to fulfill their purposes in their life journey and to be able to deal whatever challenges come their way.

I have dealt with and have successfully helped all types of people with different types of problems, which I like to call "Dis-ease" (Disease). (Hiding behind their symptoms as an excuse for not achieving more.)

Just to let you know, I do not use my clinic in order to be a psychic or a fortune teller, but these are just tools that help me in my ways to heal my patients.

Lately, I have decided to expose myself and my work to the world because of the high number of patients that I see, so that those that I can’t help in person will be able to inter-act with me here. I am also taking this opportunity to apologize to all those who were disappointed when I was not able to have time to see them in person.

We came into this life, which I like to call a journey, in order to fulfill our purposes. Do not leave this world without fulfilling your purpose, otherwise, you will return to the same point every journey. In order not to be stuck in one place we need to have a positive influence in our lives that will help direct us to the right paths on our journey. Our body is a physical thing that will live for a very limited amount of time, but our soul lives forever. A soul is an energetic force which is immortal. It is not a physical thing, but rather a spiritual energy in a sense.

This world has become very much a physical and shallow world, but we need to realize that there are more important things in life than things that money can buy. Sometimes it surprises me to see how some people spend so much time and effort on materialistic things in life instead of focusing on more important things such as striving to achieve peace and harmony with oneself. When we don’t "feed" our soul with the right "food", there is no harmony. People don’t understand why they are not happy, even though they have everything in life.

If you are ready to start to fulfill YOUR purpose through this journey, then I am here to help with advice, with healing, and with all the tools you will ever need.

Love to all: Yehudit Eini


I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all my patients for their trust, support, and confidence in me. And another thank you to all the doctors that I work closely with and for the trust we have built with each other.

Personal thanks to Shelly Belly when she helped me through my own share of rough times, and for her love and loyalty to me.

And to Angie for all her encouraging sms's and her appreciative and loving nature.

And a big thank you to all my patients... You are the ones that give me the power to carry on!

And to my beloved children Tomer and David, that understand that their mother has a very demanding job/purpose.

Taking responsibility means figuring out what we want in life and ACTING on it.
As you change your approach, you change your results.

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